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A beautiful autumn night in late September inside the lovely surroundings of

Central Park Zoo.

Wildlife Conservation Society's sixth annual Sip for the Sea held on September 27, 2018

Celebrating the opening of WCS's New York Aquarium Donald Zucker and Barbara

Hrbek Zucker exhibit Ocean Wonders: Sharks!

Guests indulged in a surprising mix of delectable bites. Savoring exquisite cuisine from 

the very best sustainable and seasonal in New York.

The freshest of ingredients were prepared and presented by the finest chefs while

tastings were paired with excellent sustainable wines.

Some highlights included Grandmom's steamed beef shank buns at Takashi, Almond's

smoked tacos, the delicious eggplant meatballs by the Ivarone Brothers Quality Foods 

and the brioche encrusted crab cake at The Tuck Room just to name a few of the 

evening's fine offerings.

Wineries this year included Pumphouse White, Frei Brothers Merlot, Ramon Bilbao   

Albarino 2017, The Palm Whispering Angel Rose, Rodney Strong Chalk Hill 

Chardonnay and several more excellent pairings.

Inside the Grand Taster Plaza guests sipped the finest Westward American single malt

whiskey while the shuckers by Red Oyster opened the freshest oysters while guests


Sip for the Sea is an exceptional dining experience, enjoying fabulous food

with the outstanding selections of wines while one meanders through Central Park Zoo

listening to the Blue Viper jazz band overlooking the sea lions at play makes for a truly

special night.

Sip for the sea

nY Aquarium   ny aquarium

ny aquarium

ny aquarium      ny aquarium

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NY Aquarium

Event Committee

                         Elizabeth Ann and Maggie Beller                         

Justin Korsant

                              Savita and Jay Bharadwa                               

PARULINA Fine Jewelry

                            Kathleen and David Glayman                             

Jodi Richard

           Lindsay and Russel Grant           

             Scott Schiff               

    Melissa and Carney Hawks       

Marisa and Robin van Bokhorst   

Gillian Hearst

Vice President and Director of WCS New York Aquarium

Jon Forrest Dohlin

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